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Connor McEvoy Samuel Cole Brandon Hayes


To explain and give examples of each of the 7 Roles of the Presidents

Chief of StateChief ExecutiveChief DiplomatCommander-In-ChiefChief LegislatorChief of PartyEconomic Planner


Video Annotation:
This video was a good visual representation of each of seven roles of the president. It would help anyone having trouble memorizing what each individual role comprehends, by putting pictures to the words.The video is lacking in in-depth explanations of the roles, but for being a video of under 3 minutes i feel as though it was a good choice. It would not even be a bad idea to watch this video a few times to study. The video maker does a job well done when it comes to covering each individual role of the president and a brief summary of how that actually works.


Roles of President Putt Putt

Questions and Answers on sheet provided

Reflection Questions:

1.) Explain the difference between the roles of Head of State and Chief Executive.

2.) Give 3 examples of possible Presidential expenses that he has to include when creating his budget.

3.) The President can pardon citizens as the Chief Executive. Define what a pardon is and give an example.


Connor McEvoy's External Link:

I chose this link because It was the link that I used for all of the real life examples in the google docs presentation. It provided me with pictures as well as detailed summaries of the events that President Obama or the other presidents shown were participating in. Being a newspaper it gave me a chance to search back to other presidents and see how they filled the roles that we talked about in the presentation. I was also able to get a grasp on the situations that are very current such as the Russian President and President Obama conversing about the missile defense shields. This gave me an understanding of how the president fulfills the roles that we presented on a everyday basis. Another very interesting article that I used information as well as a picture from was President Obama meeting with his entire cabinet. I had never known that the entire cabinet as well as President Obama meet all at the same time and It was interesting to read about their frequesnt meetings and how President Obama shows his role as Chief Executive when he runs those meetings. Overall this was a great source to use for the five real life examples that were presented in the presentation.

Brandon Hayes's External Link:

This link was my key resource in gathering information for our project. The webpage was a valuable asset to help in creating out Wiki Presentation. My website was also a reliable one for having the renowned author, Phaedra Trethan. Phaedra is a freelance writer who also works as a copyeditor for the Camden Courier-Post. She formerly worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer, where she wrote about books, religion, sports, music, films and restaurants. This article aided in my research as the second main source of info aside from our government textbook. The site was able to provide both broad and detailed facts on the president�s roles. From this website, I was learned of other vital facts about the president�s and additional information. Some of the key things that were gained from my website were presidential perks as well as risks involved.

Sam Cole's: External Link:

This website gave me a detailed explanation of the rights and limitations of the Executive Branch. This link was very helpful for me for finding out information regarding what the job of being President entails. One such way it does this is by giving a good examples of the seven roles. One that i really remember is how the president can choose leading party members to serve in his Cabinet. Another way that this link is useful is that it gave me crucial advice in finding out groups that the President oversee's such as the Office of National Drug Control Policy, or the Office of Environmental Affairs. Both of these offices I did not know the President had any influence over. Some other good information i obtained from this link include what I learned about the Executive Office of the President.The EOP has responsibility for tasks ranging from communicating the President's message to the American people to promoting our trade interests abroad.